NPK project presentations at GRDC Grains Research Updates Perth 2023

Discover the latest findings from the NPK project at GRDC Grains Research Updates in Perth on Feb 27.

Monday 27 February, 1:40PM – Session 7: Nutrition – What is driving yield response to phosphorus fertiliser in current cropping systems in WA? Presented by Craig Scanlan.


Monday 27 February, 4:00PM – Session 11: Nutrition – Comparison of soil analytical methods for estimating plant-available potassium in highly weathered soils. Presented by Miaomiao Cheng.


Monday 27 February, 4:30PM – Session 11: Nutrition – K response on loamy soils – an emerging issue for grain crops. Presented by Richard Bell.


Monday 27 February, 4:45PM – Session 11: Nutrition – Canola responses to potassium form, rate and placement in high and low rainfall environments. Presented by Richard Bell.


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soil fauna ecology phd damienbr cc-by-nc

PhD opportunity: Soil fauna ecology

This PhD scholarship provides an exciting opportunity to investigate the role of soil faunal in regulating key biological processes in agricultural lands.