National Soil Strategy

Released in May 2021, the National Soil Strategy is Australia’s first national policy on soil.

Prioritising soil health, empowering innovation, and strengthening knowledge and capability

The National Soil Strategy, released in May 2021 is Australia’s first national policy on soil. It sets out how Australia will value, manage and improve its soil for the next 20 years.

The Strategy prioritises soil health, empowers soil innovation and stewards, and strengthens soil knowledge and capability.

These priorities were identified through research and practice, government policies and programs, and by consulting with governments, industry, researchers, farmers and other land managers across Australia.

The National Soil Strategy will also support Australia’s domestic and international commitments towards a more sustainable future and help to build more resilient agricultural communities adapted to a changing climate.  These measures will be necessary to help to deliver the Australian agriculture sector’s goal of being a $100 billion industry by 2030.

The draft National Soil Action Plan is a commitment under the National Soil Strategy. The National Soil Action Plan will outline priority actions over the next 5 years to improve Australia’s soil health and long-term security.

The Australian Government is working with state and territory government representatives and key soil-related organisations to incorporate feedback from consultation. Once finalised and endorsed by governments, the Action Plan will ensure a nationally coordinated and locally adaptive approach to managing soil sustainably.