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Assessing soil health

  • DAFWA MyPaddock

    MyPaddock compares the impact of different crop problems on grain yield in Western Australia. It alerts growers to production constraints by quantifying the potential yield loss via a traffic light system. MyPaddock enables users to input their own data for individual paddocks including, management practices, pest and disease test results, soil acidity levels, soil nutrition, soil compaction and weeds.

  • Soil and landscape grid of Australia

    The Grid combines historical and current data generated from sampling, laboratory sensing, modelling and remote sensing. It represents Australia as a digital grid made up of two billion 'pixels' that are about 90 by 90 metres in size, down to a depth of two metres below the surface.

  • Soil quality

    Provides regional and site specific soil data (chemical, physical and biological) across Australia for agricultural soils. Easy to read and understand fact sheets on soil properties and management solutions.

  • DAFWA soils

    The home page of the Western Australian Agriculture and Food soils section

Identifying soil type

  • DAFWA identifying soil types

    This page provides links to information on the constraints and characteristics of each soil group, soil profile images and maps showing where soil groups are located in Western Australia. Landholders can use this information to assess land capability for a range of agricultural industries and to help develop soil management plans.

  • DAFWA MySoil

    MySoil is a simple tool to identify soil types. Growers can use soil identification to improve soil management and reduce the impact of soil constraints.


  • GRDC Grow Notes

    GRDC GrowNotes™ for regional trial results and best practice recommendations.

  • DAFWA Fertiliser Calculator

    The DAFWA Fertiliser Calculator compares the nutrient content of more than 1500 commercially-available fertilisers. Login for more detailed and personalised fertiliser schedules, or use the Quick Calculator to select one fertiliser from a list of products or a custom blend with no login required. See site for further information.

  • Better Fertiliser Decisions

    The Making Better Fertiliser Decisions for Cropping Systems in Australia (BFDC) provides the fertiliser industry, agency staff and agribusiness advisors with knowledge and resources to improve nutrient recommendations for optimising crop production. BFDC is recognised by the Fertiliser Industry Federation of Australia as the best available data for supporting the decision tools that fertiliser industry members use to formulate recommendations.

SOIL compaction

  • Controlled traffic farming calculator

    This calculator can help you estimate the percentage of your paddock currently trafficked and assess compaction management options for your farm including controlled traffic farming and deep tillage.


  • DAFWA weather station data

    The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia’s (DAFWA) network of automatic weather stations throughout the state provide timely, relevant and local weather data to assist growers and regional communities make more-informed decisions. This data includes air temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, with most stations also measuring incoming solar radiation to calculate evaporation.

  • SILO climate data

    SILO is a database of Australian climate data from 1889 to the present. It provides daily meteorological datasets for a range of climate variables in ready-to-use formats suitable for biophysical modelling, research and climate applications.